Purchase TQ Point Cards By EBANX

EBANX An EBANX Boleto is a great way for Brazilians to buy TQ Points without providing any domestic or international credit card information. Brazilians can use the EBANX Boleto in the same manner that they would be a traditional boleto bancario. EBANX will send the customer a link to a unique boleto for that TQ purchase, then the customer can print the document and pay in cash at any local store. The EBANX Boleto can also be paid using the customer's EBANX Account balance or a serial number instead of a barcode.

Find and join us on https://www.ebanx.com/en


To prevent your Boleto transaction from expiring, please make the payment within 3 days after inputting your CPF (Cadastro de Pessoas Físicas).

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NOT your game character name.
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Type of the TQ Point Cards you want to buy.
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