Purchase TQ Point Cards By WorldPay

WorldPay WorldPay is a leading financial technology company, specialising in payment processing around the globe. With offices in the UK, Europe, US and Asia, supporting 120 currencies, allowing you to trade and transact with us in a simple, effective and secure environment.


① You have to activate your credit card for 3D Secure Authentication first, or the transaction would be definitely failed and your money would be probably temporarily held by your card company, Furthermore, there is nothing we could do on our end about this issue, and the bank will take 10-30 days to refund your payment. To avoid this unpleasant experience, we highly recommend you open 3D Secure!

② It will take up to 50 minutes to credit TQ points to your game account after a complete payment.

③ Every credit card is only allowed to purchase TQ points 20 times over an 8 day period, failed attempts are also counted.

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If you are crediting TQ Point Card into Conquer Online, please only credit it to accounts where the characters are 1st reborn and your game accounts have credited TQ points to reach VIP 2 or above, otherwise you will not be able to claim TQ Points in game.

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