Direct Deposit

For USA customers, If you are near a Bank of America Branch, you may directly deposit the fund into our account.

To find out the nearest Bank of America branch, check the following link:

For direct deposit instruction, please give us a call @ 909-612-1681 to obtain. If you still have not received the information in the e-mail, please e-mail again to noreply_dd(at) or with subject "Point Card - DD" to obtain.

Make sure you put your name and email address on the side of the deposit slip. Also, filehere and tell us the date and amount you have deposited. We will send you the DB codes as soon as we verify your deposit.

If you have not received your code within 3 business days, please report here.

Important: To ensure the uniqueness of each deposit and timely processing, please deposit an amount with unique last 2 digits, and then file the date and amount you have deposited at DD/Wire Submission Page. For example, if you are purchasing the bulk package, instead of depositing 285 USD exactly, you may deposit an amount anywhere from 284.01 to 285.99, say 284.56 USD (We allow an error of less than 1 USD). After we receive your email stating your exact amount of payment, we will match the numbers and then send you codes promptly once the payment is settled.

Note: To ensure that your deposit get credit properly, please alway keep the copy of the deposit slip that you get from the bank teller until you received your Point Card. If we can not locate your fund, we may have to ask you to either fax or e-mail us the deposit slip to show the proof. Please do not throw away!