Wire Transfer (Bulk Pack Only)

Attention: When you are wiring us the fund other than US, please click here to find out the exact amount that you need to wire before you do that. For example, if you are wiring us $285 from Australia on October 20,2016, you will need to wire us 375AUD (Exchange rate on October 20,2016; 1.00USD=1.31282AUD).

For wiring instruction, please e-mail to purchase@netdragon.com or give us a call @909-612-1681 to obtain. If you still have not received the information in the e-mail, please e-mail again to purchase@netdragon.com with subject "Point Card - Wire" to obtain.

After you wire the fund to us, please file at DD/Wire Case under "Support". We will verify your payment, and then email you the Point Card.
If you have not received your code within 3 business days, please report here

You should only use the wire transfer method for purchasing the bulk packages. We do not accept wire transfer for orders that are less 10 Point Card 29.99 USD. If you are buying more than 1 bulk pack, please just multiply # of bulk pack with $285. If you are buying 2, you can wire us $570, etc.

Important: To ensure the uniqueness of each wire and timely processing, please wire an amount with unique last 2 digits and tell us by email the exact amount you have wired. For example, instead of wiring 285 USD exactly, you may wire an amount anywhere from 284.01 to 285.99, say 284.56 USD (We allow an error of less than 1 USD). And TQ is not responsible for the fees occur during fund transfer. After we receive your email stating your exact amount of payment, name and date of purchase, we will match the numbers and name on the wire and then send you codes promptly.