Purchase Point Cards By Paysafecard

Paysafecard Paysafecard is available in your neighborhood. Find your nearest sales outlet here
Get paysafecard worth $ 10, $ 25, $ 50, or $ 100(£ 10, £ 25, £ 50 or £ 75 UK customers). You'll receive a printout with a 16-digit PIN. Enter this in the paysafecard payment window. That's it, you've paid! No personal or bank details necessary.

To pay larger amounts, simply combine up to ten paysafecard PINs. Just click on "Enter another PIN." You can also use any remaining credit on a paysafecard this way.
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Note: Currently, paysafecard payment service is now available in even more countries, like USA, Canada, Mexico, Croatia, Turkey and Hungary.

The maximum payment amount is 1,000.00EUR.

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NOT your game character name.
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Type of the Point Cards you want to buy.
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Amount of the Point Cards you want to buy.