Purchase TQ Point Cards by POLi NZ

poli POLi is a safe way to purchase TQ Points by using your Internet banking facility without disclosing any sensitive financial information. You could pay directly from your online bank account. This page is only for the players who have online bank accounts in all non-revocable banks in New Zealand. Bank list showing below:
• ASB • Bank Direct • Bank of New Zealand • Kiwi bank • TSB Bank • Westpac • ANZ

Attention: There will be a 3 working day delay (excluding NZ Holidays and Chinese Holidays) for all buyers purchasing TQ goods through POLi NZ. The inter-bank policy in New Zealand has created a grey area; where it takes 3 workings days to 100% confirm successful payments.

After payment has been cleared, you will receive TQ Points directly in the game.

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NOT your game character name.
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Type of the TQ Point Cards you want to buy.
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Amount of the TQ Point Cards you want to buy.